This is the popular sandwich of Cheese and Olive.



The United Kingdom thick bread,
I have baked in iron plate.

The United Kingdom thick bread,
I have baked in iron plate.

Fresh morning take lettuce.
I will cherish the fresh crunchy.

According to the ingredients,
blend exquisitely cheese more than one.

Wide selection.
There is juicy volume also none!

French fries・・・
With plenty of freshly baked golden brown,
the happiness of overjoyed.

Secret of taste of the menu is
original mayonnaise!

The first time will be surprised, but this is the sandwich of America.

It is often thought positioned as snacks in Japan, I make to become a sandwich with the volume can be eaten firm as lunch and dinner, hot and authentic.

Even in cooking also material, I’m trying to find the best ones.
Bread I baked in one piece iron plate one, the United Kingdom thick bread.
Cheese To match the ingredients, we are changing the type of cheese.
Ingredients Rice cake, eggplant, and laver, is popular with Japanese food.
Of course, standard bacon, beef, tuna, anchovies and also delicious.
Vegetables Please enjoy the crunchy with the Shakkiri fresh.
French fries Cut slightly bigger, I bake and brown.
Mayonnaise Is homemade. Active hidden on every menu of our shop.


By all means, please taste the sandwich home.

Shopkeeper hasemi
Days in USA, is the beginning of everything.

When I was a 20’s, I worked as a mechanic of motorcycle in California.
Shocked I met in this sandwich at that time, and trial and error that it might be reproduced in Japan that taste somehow, we arrive at the style of today.

Nearly 40 years, I have continued to this store.

I was able to first opened in this Fussa in 1977, to continue thanks to everyone.During this time, the times change much, faces of the audience has changed as well in various ways. But I is not much our shop.It is a shop analog microwave still no.